Thursday, January 8, 2015

Lacy Out of Water

 It was a normal sunny Monday at the little town middle school of Los Osos and the eighth grade class for fifth period P.E. was going down to the track to run the forever dreaded mile. Although in a moment of unexpected silly excitement and Lacey, one of the students in the class, jumped of a maximum of five stairs yelling "I can swim" in a hopeful feat to swim in mid air!!! Although after the energized jump from Lacey she as expected from most humans, and fish for that matter, didn't stay a flight in the air but unfortunately plummeted towards the ground.

When Lacey hit the ground feet first there was a cry and another student, Cayla, on instinct rushed to help her injured friend off the ground and see if anything was wrong.  After Cayla brushed off her friend and her fellow students started to gather around to see if Lacey was okay Lacey finally wanted to try walking again.  Although when she just put the tiniest pressure on her left ankle Lacey cringed in pain and fell forward and was luckily caught by her friend Cayla.  After the P.E. teacher, Mrs. Newby, was notified of what happened Lacey was walked up to the main office to get her ankle checked by the nurse and unfortunately no one saw her until two days later.

Then on the foggy morning of Wednesday, that same week, Lacey to most people's surprise walked into her first class that day with a crutch under each arm and a black cast wrapped around her injured foot.

After class was over and people stopped bombarding her with questions Lacey finally explained to her fellow students and friends that it was not just a sprain but actually a hairline fracture.  Now even though after injuring her foot very badly and having to wear a cast from her unfortunate fall she unexpectedly learned that her foot was healing much faster then expected and could get off her crutches very soon, which you could say doesn't end this blog/story with such a bad ending after all!!!